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CHAPTER 2 The Grandparent Connection
Why are Grandparents so Important?
What is in it for Grandma and Grandpa?
Reinventing the Family For the Sake of the Children
Responding to the Diagnosis
How can Parents Help Grandparents to be Supportive?
How Should We Deal with Others who do not Understand?
Disclosure: Mom, What’s Wrong with Me? A Moment of Truth

CHAPTER 3 How Can I Help?
What Does NOT Help?
The Line Between Helping and Interfering
“Being There” and “Doing”
Grandparenting From a Distance

CHAPTER 4 Thriving Day by Day
Helping Your Grandchild and Building Relationship
Daily Activities

CHAPTER 5 Communication Impairments
Building Communication with a Child with Autism

CHAPTER 6 Social Impairments
What is Social Competence?
What Motivates You?
Do What I Do: The Role of Imitation in Learning
What are you Thinking?
The Trouble with Novelty
What can You Do to Help?

CHAPTER 7 Behaviour
Good vs. Bad Behaviour
Behaviour is Communication
Why Won’t Some “Good Old Fashioned Discipline Be Effective?”
Surviving Tantrums
Managing Repeat
Difficult Behaviour
Behaviour Defaults and Extinction
Am I Being Manipulated?
Tips and Strategies That Work!
Special Interests
Increased Anxiety
Keeping Behaviour in Perspective

CHAPTER 8 Cognitive Deficits: The Trouble with Thinking
Executive Function: The Professional Secretary of the Brain
Theory of Mind: The Perspective Taker
Critical Thinking: The Judge and the Evaluator
Central Coherence: The Glue that Binds Details
Abstract Thinking

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