Conscious Dance: 101 modalities that define the movement.

By Mark Metz

Copyright 2011 Mark Metz

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Note from the Publisher:
This resource directory first appeared in Conscious Dancer Magazine #12, Fall 2010. It's updated and presented as an e-book to better serve the growing community. You may be one of the many people who have the mistaken idea that "conscious dance", (which could be defined as: movement with an intention towards greater awareness), is a fringe activity, something obscure and isolated. But really, when you look at the explosion of new modalities and ecstatic dance worldwide, it's easy to see that a movement is being formed across the cultural landscape. Mind-body fitness is huge, alcohol-free "ecstatic/barefoot/freestyle" community dances can be found in almost every city, and many studios opening nowadays are "movement" or "multi-arts." "Dance is the next yoga" is how one reader phrased it. So if you just look for the opportunity for your own unique contribution to "movement for a better world", then you'll discover the how good it feels to be enrolled in conscious community in an active way. Conscious Dancer Magazine is at your service. Thank you.

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