In my House of Life, There are many Rooms

There is my Sad Room which I find I must go now and again depending on what life throws my way. I hope not to visit it often. But when I do, I hope I can realize that in time the sadness will diminish and I can then move on to happier things

Down the hallway is my Anger Room. Here I go when people, things, or the world in general piss me off. In this room, I explore why I am angry and decide how I should handle it. Do I attack the thing that angers me or do I walk away and let God take care of it?

Next to that is my Confusion Room - the room where I sit in bewilderment and just shake my head. I find myself here often but I don't suffer too much. Often, I just shake my head, leave and enter another room.

Across from my Sad Room is my Despair and Depression Room. I try to keep it locked at all times because it is not a pleasant place to be. It is void of windows in which to see the future. There are no sounds or music to make me happy. It has no picture on its walls. I have been there in the past. I do not want to return. It is a terrible place !!!

Climbing the stairs, I come to the 2nd floor - a more pleasant area of my mansion. The 1st room is my Happy Room which has many windows looking unto the garden below. Here I feel the warmth of the sun and can hear the birds singing. There is even a squirrel who visits me on the tree branch just outside one of the windows. He makes me appreciate wildlife.

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