Readers’ Reactions to the original publication of this Trilogy as a single Novel titled The Rising:

“This novel imagines what might actually occur the day after tomorrow. It should be read today—while there is still time to avoid catastrophe from global warming.” — Bruce Babbitt, Secretary of the Interior 1993-2000, Latham & Watkins LLP, Washington, D.C.

“Pollock and Seybold have created a fascinating cast just as they have skillfully woven a complex plot. This is a novel worth reading.” — Gerald Haslam, PhD., Author of Straight White Male, Workin’ Man Blues, and Coming of Age in California; dubbed “the quintessential California writer” by “The Californians.”

“I dare you to put down The Rising.” — Philip Gagnon, Artist, Oregon.

“We have poor vision and our friend Joanna read it to us. We became so riveted by the drama that daily after breakfast, three voices echoed, ‘Well, shall we read?!!!’ It deserves wide distribution, for it is truly a significant story.” — Jessica Danson & Eileen Lungee, Arizona.

Oceans Rising Trilogy

Part I: Eli

By Tom Pollock and Jack Seybold.

Published by Tom Pollock and Jack Seybold at Smashwords

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