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By Thomas P. Hopp

Second Book of the Dinosaur Wars Series

First Edition copyright 2001 Thomas P. Hopp

Second Edition copyright 2011 Thomas P. Hopp

Smashwords Edition copyright 2011 and 2014 Thomas P. Hopp

For Shelley, whose love inspired much in this most romantic book of the Dinosaur Wars trilogy.

The last signpost on the road to peace reads, ‘Forgiveness’.” —General Matthew Davis


Chapter 1

The utahraptor pack moved through the juniper woodland with impeccable grace. Gliding silently among the trees of a Montana hillside, they threaded their way through hip-high sagebrush as if the six individuals were a single entity, a flowing front of vapor filtering through the vegetation like a dawn mist.

In the lead, the alpha female raised her head to its full height of nine feet, sniffing the morning air. Nostrils at the front of her long, fang-lined snout flared, taking in the sweet smell of sage and juniper branches warming in the sunlight. But the utahraptor was following another scent on the light breeze—the enticing aroma of prey.

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