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I’m one of those monsters nobody believes in.”

If only they did! One moment, he’s a soldier in Vietnam – the next, a vampire on a bloody rampage through the troops. Caught between a human who can bend him to his will and a night stalker who tempts him to freedom, he begins a quest that spans two centuries and takes him from Saigon to the moons of Saturn. His life becomes an adventure packed with car chases, Russian agents, bank heists, assassinations, robots, even a space walk – not to mention a passionate love affair ... and gallons of every vampire’s favorite drink.

Author Jim Hull brings to the genre a dash of spy thriller, a dollop of detective noir, and a dose of science fiction. It’s a tale that’s sardonic, hardboiled, and heart wrenching.

"Bringing fresh blood to a genre that has been glutted of late . . . "

"The story is an absolute blast!"

“It will appeal to anybody who enjoys vampire books . . . I did not want it to end!”

The Vampire in Free Fall

by Jim Hull

Copyright ©2010 by Jim Hull

Registered: Writers Guild of America, West

Smashwords Edition

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