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Thoughts on Writers

T.J. Seitz

Copyright 2011 by T.J. Seitz

Smashwords Edition

I believe that the best writers are not aspiring to be famous. They do, however, want to be read. Renowned authors and poets might be great in their own right but they are also very lucky. Most people who are passionate about writing don’t have access to those opportunities through hard work or luck. They are forced to write and make a viable living. Their choice is motivated by the unpleasant Truths associated with an empty belly, which will almost always overshadow one’s dreams and ideals.

Occasionally the two facets can be blended successfully. There are writing intensive jobs such an analyst, researcher or contract specialist but those professions usually require a more seasoned individual who has significant experience outside of writing. Unfortunately, for most writers, their careers and chosen art are managed separately.

Even home life can be unaccommodating to a writer’s inspirations. It fills the day’s landscape with innocent obstacles disguised as honey do lists and dentist appointments that nickel and dime time away. Compelling a person to either plan for or recognize natural moments that present themselves where thoughts can be properly recorded and developed somewhere in between doldrums and the daily activities associated with being responsible such as attempting to buy $103.98 worth of groceries on a $40.00 a week budget, getting a cranky daughter, who was up past midnight texting friends, out of bed and into the shower before the school bus arrives, filling plastic grocery bags with dogshit from the yard, removing meatball sub stains from favorite ties and visiting their bedridden uncle at the VA hospital who is obsessed with Bob Hope and salt water taffy.

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