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Find Your Inner Light

By Kate Everson

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2011 Kate Everson

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The moon is shining like a beacon to your soul. Its light guides the way into your inner being and connects it to the highest power in you. Follow the moonlit path and come to a place where spirit lives. Follow the Light.

Listen to the sound of drums as you follow the path. Each beat is like a heart beat, drawing you closer and closer to your goal, the place of all your dreams, where forever begins.

In a meadow, a ring of fairies circles the flowers. They are dancing, skipping and singing, holding hands, laughing, their heads tipped back to feel the moonlight.

“Essence of moon, essence of sun, essence of all that is,” they chant. “Take us on a journey to where we once began.”

Suddenly, the forest is dark. The moon has slipped into the centre of the circle. Its light penetrates each tiny fairy until there is nothing left of their features except moonlight. A sigh escapes the mouths of fairies as they release all who they are and become one with the Light.

The moon, now gathering power, grows larger and fills the whole meadow. The animals stop and listen. They know this power. A wolf howls. A squirrel peers out of its hole in the oak tree and watches.

The moon slowly takes over the whole forest. Every creature is touched by its light that penetrates to the core of their being.

A flower in the field bows down. Its petals shimmer with luminous light. Suddenly, it is taken up, into the sky, through a moonlit channel to the source of the power, to the core of the moon itself. It dissolves and becomes one with the moon.

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