Know Your Stuff Book of Mormon Crash Course

James Michael Gaffney

Published by Borderline Publishing at Smashwords

Copyright James Michael Gaffney


Hi. My name is James Michael Gaffney, and this is my second book in the Crash Course series. The first book is called Know Your Stuff Bible Crash Course and is a companion to this book. The previous book focused more on doctrine that people of other faiths sometimes have problems with and how to explain it to them. This book focuses more on principles of the gospel we should be applying in our lives.

I have a passion for understanding the gospel and teaching it to others. My main focus in this book is to help people understand that the church is not a list of restrictions, but rather a way of life in the celestial kingdom. We must all prepare ourselves to be worthy of that kingdom. We go to church to renew our covenants, to fellowship each other, and to learn the way of life in the celestial kingdom.

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