Nude Nuns and Other Peculiar People

Charles A. Wells, Jr.

A Collection of Stories from the Heartland

Copyright 2011 Charles A. Wells, Jr.

Smashwords Edition


I've never really thought of myself as an odd person, maybe off-center, but not odd. Those who know me superficially would probably think of me as a pretty normal guy, and I have had no reason to disturb this view. However, it has been my very good fortune to know, like, and associate with a goodly number of goofballs. I am particularly partial to peculiar people. In a perverse sense, I believe my semi-normalcy has contributed to my being a bit of a magnet to eccentrics. This has enabled me to witness, and be a party to, some of their more outrageous adventures. Of course, I can't discount the role of pure dumb luck in providing the opportunity to be a corroborator for some of the stories included herein.

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