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Nightmare Beach

By Michael Crow

Smashwords Edition

Copywrite 2009 Michael Crow

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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Jen and David cuddled on beach warming themselves by the campfire letting their afternoon picnic settle as the sun set over the ocean. The trip was already better than last year's considering Jen didn't come back to camp with a case of poison ivy while squatting in the woods. David also seemed to be acting differently this evening as well; she didn't know why but he was in a particularly good mood.

Their romantic evening didn't last long as a tall, bearded man walked their direction along the secluded beach.

As the man approached David stood up and waved, "Hello, it's a wonderful evening out here, isn't it?" 

The man didn't respond to the greeting just kept advancing, now just feet from the couple with his cold, emotionless eyes fixed on David. In response, David took a step back pushing Jen behind him, "Look man, we're just…."

The man quickly reached into his jacket and brandished a large knife and before David could react plunged it into his gut, splattering blood across the white sand.

As David fell, the man growled, "You do not belong here!", and reached for Jen as she turned to run.  She was not quick enough; he grabbed her around the neck from behind and sunk the bladed into her lower back with an upward motion. Jen crumbled to the sand, life oozing out of her body. The man continued his walk down the beach.

Jen looked over at David's lifeless body and noticed a shiny diamond ring lying next to his pocket in the sand. Tears streamed down her face nearly as fast as the life flowing from her. Through her pain, she crawled to David. She took his hand, kissed him and faded into the darkness.

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