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A Question of Defense

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A Question of Defense

A Short Story by Terri L. Main

Captain Horatio Albert Nelson, commander of the Earth Trade Alliance battleship, Peacekeeper, never had a problem adding new member planets to the alliance.

But there was something about the Jarlidians. They were not afraid of him. They would not surrender or fight. Did they know something he didn’t?

Terri Main’s story-telling is imaginative and realistic. Her characters are varied, profound, and easy to relate to. And the manner in which faith intersects with life in this novel is superbly natural.” Christian Sci-Fi Fantasy review of Dark Side of the Moon.

This is an outstanding first novel, and I would easily recommend it to anyone who likes science fiction and/or mysteries set in an interesting world filled with well drawn characters.” Review of Dark Side of the Moon by Copple's Creations

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