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By Arek Rydel

Copyright 2011 Arek Rydel

Smashwords Edition


Smashwords Edition, Licence Notes

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I am sitting here in a café in this strange Canadian city that became my home many years ago and sipping this joke of a coffee that they serve here. I am depressed and alone, trying somehow to kill my sadness. People here use beer to drown their sadness. Beer, for God’s sake! Drinking beer makes me even sadder. My medicine for depression is chocolate…

Churros con chocolate, café Fútbol in Granada, Spain. Probably the best place in the world to get this caloric bomb that I first tried in Andalusia…

I am trying to recall the last time I was in Granada… I am sitting in another café, on the plaza facing the walls of the Alhambra. It is not the first time I have been here. I like this city. I always come here with great expectations, hoping to find the true reason why I am so attracted to it. Every time, I leave this city a bit disappointed. It is beautiful but missing something.

Summer is already past, so there are not that many tourists. I do not like crowds. The day is nice, a little bit cloudy. Good for a walk. I prepared myself a plan for this afternoon. I want to walk through some parts of this city and visit some places that I liked in the past. I have my map on which I marked my targets.

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