Love Letters from Home

By Kate Everson

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2011 Kate Everson

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Everything is a love letter from God.


Even the things that don’t seem like love at all. His message is hidden in every one.

All you have to do is surrender. Accept the hidden message to your heart. Use it to grow and glow in the light.


Last week a snake was in my path. It did not move, but lay coiled, looking at me. I could not walk around it. Plainly, it wanted to be seen.

Later, I realized it was a love letter from Home, my God, sending me a message I needed to hear at that time. The snake is a symbol of transformation. I needed to shed my skin.

In the days ahead, I started releasing things that were not useful to my soul’s needs. People that were pulling me down. Things that made my heart constrict. Places that caused me boredom.

I started choosing different paths. Shedding my skin, one piece at a time.

Whenever I could, I let things go. Released them from my world. Looked for new horizons.

And I have felt good about that.

If it doesn’t serve your inner needs of soul transformation, let it go.

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