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There may be protests at first, from them, and a part of you. But that’s okay. It’s all for the greater good. Trust in the Messenger.

It’s all good.

The Beetles

This year, a scourge of red and black beetles attacked my house. They came in great swarms and settled on the roof and crawled under the shingles and down any small hole they could find. They even found homes inbetween the stones on the walls.

I quickly bought some Raid and attacked them back. Three cans later, they were still there, outnumbering me a million to one.

I searched on the Internet and discovered that they could not live if you sprayed hot soapy water on them. So I climbed a ladder and sprayed every one I could find. Then I got on the roof, a spray bottle in each hand, and sprayed some more.

But every day, no matter how many I killed, they came back. Now, they are at every window of my house. I am getting ready to go out there again with my hot soapy water, but I am beginning to relax a little.

These beetles are a love letter from Home.

The message is to be relentless when the enemy attacks. You can’t expect to kill the enemy in one battle. They have reinforcements. No matter how many times you try to get rid of them, you have to be aware that they are out there and you have to be always vigilant and ready with the right weapons.

It is a good message.

The enemy attacks through our mind into the smallest crevices. We are always letting out guard down, and they take advantage of any weakness. They crawl inside and before you know it, they have multiplied and are taking over.

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