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The Oath

“… an all around good read, and a sobering one at that. Gaylon McCollough is a consummate story teller and he has produced a real thriller in The Oath—a yarn that could be ripped from today’s newspapers. While The Oath is a fictional account of a classic struggle of good and evil, the story is inspired by current events in this nation and beyond. The reader is quickly drawn into this fast paced and well crafted thriller and once it has been picked up it is hard to put it down,

…………… Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich, President, United States Sports Academy


The Oath isn’t just a thriller; it presents an object lesson—grabs the reader’s attention early and holds it through each page. Like the oaths that many of us have taken, it conveys a far deeper meaning. It reconnects us to our founders and the basis upon which freedom is built and preserved.”

…………… Lloyd Ketchum, U.S. Army, Retired,

CEO Liberating Technologies


Truthfully frightening and eye opening… so much fact and truth written in this story of fiction…kept me glued to the book until completion.”

…………… Sharon Santurri, MPA, Accountant,

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