Maximum Cool: 250 Anecdotes

By David Bruce

Dedicated with Love to Rosa and Randy Jones


Copyright 2010 by Bruce D. Bruce

Front Cover Photograph

Copyright: Jerry Bernard

Agency: Dreamstime

Good advice for all of us: Maintain Maximum Cool.


Chapter 1: From Activism to Comedians


• On March 26, 1904, during a strike by miners in Colorado, union organizer Mother Jones was arrested on the orders of governor James P. Peabody, put on a train, taken to the border of Colorado, dropped off, and told never to return again. She took the first train possible back to Denver, then wrote Governor Peabody, “Mr. Governor, You notified your dogs of war to put me out of the state. … I wish to notify you, governor, that you don’t own the state. … I am right here in the capital … four or five blocks from your office. I want to ask you, governor, what in Hell are you going to do about it?”

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