Dear Reader,

The message of this book is not one of compromising in its presentation to you. My Skin Hurts is a biblical view on black history; this book publishes peace hope salvation for black people. The message is a spiritual meal, an offering of savory meat; real protein that will return strength into the hands of black people; an offering for you to grace you, God says: “it is time reparations be paid to the black remnant of Jacob.” (Genesis 27:9, 20) The play field is return to your hands, no longer will you be a sacrifice for the betterment of the rich (Genesis 4:23), you are now blest with grace and with the whole truths.

In the preparations of this book; the ram goats have been slaughtered and sacrificed in the preparation of this meal (Genesis 27:17); the lamb and the sheep have been spared, this rich spiritual meal is made of goat’s meat a savory meal for the remnant of Israel; an offering for you: the encoded; for you a treasure map guide of hidden secrets. Here is knowledge so that you be spared hail mingled with fire that shall come from above (Exodus 9:24, 26).

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