My Half of The Story

(If You Believe In Halves)

A Short Story By

Tony Vinyoh

Copyright © 2011 by Tony Vinyoh

Published by Tony Vinyoh at Smashwords

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The sharp sound of rushing stilettos gave me only a moment to hide my bottle and force down a glass of water, I knew I would get sixty seconds from when the second woman pushed the door, and another fifteen when the first gave her last try and turn towards me with an apologetic shrug, she always did her best, she was just no match for Grace, so I took the extra time to hide the pack of Benson & Hedges and force out the incriminating scent.

Grace brushed past my assistant and walked stoutly to my desk, put my latest gift on it and sat on my lap, held my face in her hands and looked at me the way I have never liked, like I was a helpless idiot just lucky to have a girl, and maybe I was, for that very instant I was a nervous idiot, and only for reasons manly I would have cried and said I wasn’t ready, that I didn’t know what to do or say, or how to convince these blood suckers we both could benefit from time, more time, and more of their easy money, they had a jolly time letting it in but were so tight letting it out even on solid investment if they hadn’t dragged every fibre of information out of my labouring body.

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