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This publication provides readers with quick, easy-to-read information about key personalities in California’s history with reference to places or sightseeing attractions related to that figure. California receives more visitors than any other state.

California has had a rich history filled with more than its share of adventurers, poets, politicians, bandits and assorted other luminaries of one sort or another. But other states also have interesting histories and colorful characters. What makes California distinctive are key personalities and their impact—sometimes controversial but always fascinating—on the area as it has emerged through its Spanish/Mexican/American periods. No other state has demonstrated the lure of California. More people—ordinary and celebrated - have been influenced to come to California than any other state. Its ongoing charisma is still alluring but the state is also a subject of some debate and dispute.

This book delves into the mystique of California as represented by some of the major figures that have marked its history. It offers to shed light on what combination of geography, size, climate, history and other factors have combined to make California one of the great beacons of the United States and the world at large.

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