The Husky and the Sheltie
By Anthony Melillo
Copyright 2010 by Anthony Melillo
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The Husky and the Sheltie

Cover design by Anthony Melillo
Illustrations by Anthony Melillo

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Copyright © 2010 Anthony Melillo

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This book is dedicated to all those pets that enrich our lives and touch our hearts. All they ask for is food, clean water and some companionship. They return that, many times over, with love.

I also hope this book touches the lives of everyone reading it, especially the children, who I dedicate this work, and my days teaching them as my calling in life. The eyes of a child are a window into their heart and inside that heart is love waiting to get out. I hope to read this story to my children one day.

-- Tony Melillo

In a small pet shelter a pretty Husky and a tiny Sheltie were
playing, waiting for someone to take them home.

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