From the Spirit to your Heart

A collection of inspired Poems
and works of art

By Anthony Melillo

Copyright 2008 by Anthony Melillo

Smashwords Edition

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From the Spirit to your Heart

Cover and book by Anthony Melillo
Illustrations by Anthony Melillo

Noted photo’s courtesy of Phaedra Wilkinson

All rights reserved

ISBN: 1440497222
EAN-13: 9781440497223

Copyright © 2006 Anthony Melillo

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The bulk of the love emanating from this book, I dedicate to all children, especially my students. Their love is pure and from the heart, 1 John 4:8. I just wanted to tell them how much I love them and to say they have blessed me more than I can put into words.

I knew when my students surprised me with this one day; my life would never be the same, it would be better! They placed their love on the canvas of my heart forever. Children truly are a gift from heaven: Psalm 127:3-5

Thank you and may you be blessed through these pages.

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