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Smashwords Edition

Daddy Takes Control
Her Best Friend's Father

Ashley knocked on the door and waited only a few seconds before she opened it and went inside. Emily and her dad had always left their door unlocked for as long as she could remember. From when she was a little girl, she had been at their home almost as often as she was at her own, more, if she could arrange it.

“Knock, knock,” she shouted as she closed the door behind her. “Is anyone home?”

“In here, Ashy-girl.”

Ashley smiled and quickly made her way to the kitchen where Emily's dad was pulling a beer out of the fridge.  Ashley was glad she had surprised him. He had his shirt off and was only wearing a light pair of sweat pants. She looked him over, and sighed. Everything about him was sexy. From his salt and pepper hair to his strong broad chest, he was her ideal of a man. She watched him pop the top on the beer and his arms bulged as he opened the can and took a sip. She knew this particular vision would be fueling her late night fantasies for weeks to come.

“Hiya Daddy!”

He smiled at the familiar phrase.

“Hey, baby girl.”

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