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This book matters because many American politicians, opinion-makers, and voters firmly believe that a public health care system would be a quick fix for what is flawed in the American health care system. In this book, I will go through the many characteristics that are unique for a public universal health care system. I will also show the impact this radical move would have on American way of life and politics. I have chosen to draw from experiences in Sweden that has one of the most comprehensive public health care systems available in the world. The Swedes’ experiences with universal health care are often in sharp contrast to the promises made by the American proponents of public health care.

Issues as privacy, professionalism, abortion, parental rights, and increased taxes have not been given enough media attention. My intent with this book is to give you a broader view and increased understanding of the impact of a shift to universal health care.

Jan Kallberg


Within the last year, health care reform has been the epicenter of the political debate. There is no doubt a need to revise and improve the American health care system. The question is what improvements or changes are needed to get better health care. It boils down to two different ideological outlooks; either a highly private system or a public system.

The initial plan from the proponents of public health care was to push a health care reform through Congress that would have been a dramatic step towards a universal health care system. The American system would then be similar to the ones that exist in countries like United Kingdom, Canada, and Sweden. That would, according to the proponents, lead to improved quality, lower the costs, enable more individuals to join, and provide coverage not only to citizens but also for illegal aliens.

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