Army of Children
by Ron Parker

The darkness was intense, almost tangible. It was silent.

Through this quiet darkness moved a child. A child who by conventional standards should have been long in bed.

A child who, if it had been possible to see him, looked too young not to be afraid of the black darkness.

But this boy was no ordinary child.

He had wandered the earth far longer than the eight or nine years of age he looked. Where he came from, there was no time. No one aged.

Few people on earth had seen Michael’s unblemished, silk-like skin, his beautiful fair hair, or heard his wonderfully melodic voice.

Those who did have this privilege never forgot his angelic appearance. Fewer still realised this angelic appearance was literally that of an angel.

This boy was none other than the Arch-Angel, Michael. The very one who cast Satan out of heaven.

But that battle was far from over. The revolution in heaven had been put down, certainly, but Satan and his accomplices were still extremely active.

Michael’s chore was to prevent Satan’s re-entry into the heavens and to curtail as far as possible his activities on the earth.

The angel used no weapons but the grace of God, and worked through the chosen inhabitants of the earth.

Michael did not always appear as the child whose form he now took. Indeed, rarely did he appear at all. But often he spoke into the minds of people. Comforting those in need, answering prayers when he could, sowing the seeds of great ideas.

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