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The Gardener


A.H. Scott

(‘Household Help Is So Hard To Find’)

"Darling, do you have to go on this trip?", Paulette asked of her husband. In powder blue robe, she rubbed his bare shoulders in their bathroom.

Slender man in his 40's with light blonde hair, smiled back at an eye pleasing spouse, "If I don't get this deal closed, then this grand estate won't be where we live, Paulette".

Motioning hands off of his skin, Paulette laughed, "Do you think I care where we live, Robert?"

Privileged to have an estate with stables, garden, and large swimming pool, Paulette wouldn't really wish for that poverty to come her way.

Pecking her on the left cheek, he knotted tie and whispered into an ear, "Of course you do, babe".

She walked him outside and to his car in only that silk bathrobe and a smile, "Come back soon".

"Before your snatch dries, darling", Robert laughed and entered his car, "I'll be back, before you know I've been gone, Paulette". With that, the driver drove the master of this manor into the oncoming sunrise over Michigan.

Paulette held the robe closed so that the household staff wouldn't get a peek at her tasty treat in the morning sun.

Light brown hair, pulled back in a bun, gave this mistress of the manor a sense of refinement. Little did her friends in high society circles know what kind of carnal cat she was.

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