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Old Gold

by Edward Norton

Copyright 2011 by Edward Norton

Smashwords edition

Chapter 1

I was tooling down I-195 in my old Crown Vic, listening to Tony Pastor parody “Rosalie” in the Hotel Lincoln in 1938 when he doubled on sax in Artie's band. Artie did not like band singers, but he let his old Connecticut pal wing a high tenor now and then, parodies of the old operetta chestnuts.

The my Blue Tooth rang. “Molloy? Have you finished in Seekonk?”

It was Elinor Benton up in Boston at The company insurance.

Yeah, it was nothing but a dumb accidental house fire. Cheap do-it-yourselfers. Amost killed their own kids. I'll have the report done tonight and e-mail it.”

It can wait. We have an emergency. There was a big burn down in New Madison last night, on the water—an old resort. Big coverage and The company office is very interested in this one.”

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