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Alien Dish

A short Story by Bruce Memblatt

Alien Dish

Copyright 2011 by Bruce Memblatt

Smashwords Edition

Behold the night sky is full of wonder and angst….

by Bruce Memblatt

Previously published by The Cynic Online

Dylan wasn’t exactly certain of what he found in his yard that night, but he knew it was important. It was a small thing with buggy eyes. It kind of looked like E.T. In fact, he thought it could’ve been E.T. if he wasn’t so sure things like E.T. didn’t exist. But he snuck it away in his basement anyway.

He couldn’t tell his wife about the E.T. thing because Lucy and her best friend Bridget already got down on him so much. Why just the other day he overhead Bridget saying to Lucy, “How do you stay married to such a down and out low class loser?” And Lucy responded, “I don’t know I must have done something to deserve it.” Lucy was always ragging on Dylan because he worked down at the Apex Shoe Factory for minimum wage, and Dylan was always telling her “hey, it’s steady work.” So if he told her about the E.T. thing, or whatever it was, that he found he knew her tongue would be wagging as usual to Bridget, and she’d probably have him locked up in some booby hatch.

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