Al’s Antique Shop

Jamie Turner

Copywrite Jamie Turner 2011

Smashwords Edition

Al’s Antique Shop

What, the white Persian cat asked the gray Himalayan to his side, is that?

A gnome.

A what?

A gnome.

Why, it’s hideous.


What is its purpose?

People put them out.



As décor?

Uh hmmmmm

Why, that’s preposterous.


It’s ghastly.


Just then, a floor lamp beside the cats flickered. It turned off, back on, flickered again and then as if by struggle, came back on and stayed.

Oh, pleeeeeeease, the white cat said of the faulty lamp. Won’t someone once and for all just pull its plug?




The two cats lived in ‘Al’s Antique Shop’ for as long as they could remember. Every day, perched upon their red pillows and basking in the sunshine that the large window allowed, the cats knew nothing but luxury and contentment. Spoiled with a tranquil existence, their only tasks being to endure comb-outs and every once in awhile a dry shampoo, they thought of themselves as simply grand.

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