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Published by Quickfox Publishing at Smashwords

Smashwords edition 2011

Copyright © Bruna Dessena

Overwriter: Daphne Stokoe

Editor: Rachel Bey-Miller

Cover design: Vanessa Wilson

Note: As this book is based on true stories, identifying details have been changed to protect the anonymity of those involved.

Chapter 1: The Saturday Night Show

Before an artist can paint a picture, he needs a canvas on which to paint. And then he needs a palette of colours; mixing a little of this and some of that to give us something entirely different, something we’ve never seen before. And it’s the same with stories. Before I can tell you the individual little cameos, I need to give you the large, background canvas on which the smaller details will leave their imprint.

And so, for starters, I proudly present - complete with glitz and glamour - the Saturday Night Show, brought to you by the colourful citizens of Johannesburg! Every week I have watched them walking, stumbling and being dragged into casualty. This is the longest-running real, live show in the city. There are always more than enough players for the lead and supporting roles, and plenty of aspiring stars waiting in the wings.

The roles are many and varied and most original; just when I think I’ve seen it all, another little cherub does something spectacular. Like the security guard who came into casualty with a deep, horizontal gash across his forehead, caused by his forgetting a minor detail - that his hand was still cuffed to the money box when he threw it into the back of the van with all the enthusiasm of an Olympic shot-put athlete.

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