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Edited by Anne Victory

For my mom,

who always believed in me more than I did.

And who never once tried to mind control me.

I think.

praise for OPEN MINDS

Open Minds pushed me to the edge of my imagination and then tossed me over the edge as I screamed for more. Quinn has created an intensely dangerous world both inside the minds of her characters and outside—a world that left me asking myself questions I would never have asked before. When you can literally control the thoughts of others, how far will you go? Quinn takes the reader to this reality with breathtaking control and sparkle. Read this and you'll never look at your thoughts the same again.”

Michelle Davidson Argyle, author of Monarch and Cinders

Open Minds boils with action, adventure, and surprises. I was fully invested in this inventive world and the protagonist. A story that had me imagining what if, long after I finished it.”

Terry Lynn Johnson, author of Dogsled Dreams

chapter ONE

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