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Becoming the Best You Can Be

By Dr. Gordon Cochrane, R. Psych.

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Gordon Cochrane


Imagine that you have the opportunity to own an apartment in a forty story residential building. You can live on any one of the forty floors. You can live on one of the lower floors; you can live midway up in the building or, you can live at or near the top of the building. Before making your decision, you should know that this building has no elevator. The only way up is by the stairs. How high do you want to go? How good do you want be?

As with any sport, you can definitely live in the building but access to all of the floors is by the stairs only. You get to choose the floor you want to live on and that choice will influence how you apply the principles and tools outlined for you in this book. Independent of the floor you choose, you can benefit greatly by moulding these principles and tools to your personal goals. If, in your sport, you want to improve your level of performance at the recreational level, the amateur competitive level or at the elite level, you can do so by adjusting to the demands determined by your chosen level of performance. The stairs are basically the same on each floor but the actual climbing of these stairs is experientially different the higher you go.

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