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Through my years of college, I’ve been taught anti-gravity is impossible. I guess that is why it is seldom even mentioned in science fiction… sci-fi is about possible futures, not impossible futures. As I’ve aged, I learned that experts… teachers and scientists do not really know everything, and I now believe anti-gravity is possible.

This book is about people who don't believe the naysayers; it’s about people who don't believe the impossible is impossible.

About this Second Edition

Based on feedback from relatives, friends and customers, I have learned that the original first few chapters left readers confused, and to my surprise, a bit angry. Funny, my intent was that these chapters were to be light and fun short stories introducing anti-gravity along with the main characters.

Luckily (for me), everybody seemed to enjoy the rest of the book. This gave me a chance to do some comparisons between the two parts. I eventually determined that the beginning didn’t have a very strong story or time line; the source of their confusion. Also after some soul searching, I discovered I have a knack for blending multiple story lines that seem to make the read fun and unpredictable.

This rewrite was very difficult for me as I absolutely LOVED the original beginning chapters. I miss them. But at least I know they are still there blended into the new beginning.

So I hope you enjoy this new edition and please LIKE it (that is, if you actually like it) and add a comment, good or bad, as they are incredibly helpful to me (as for all writers).

Prologue ~ Gravity

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