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By L.R. O’Malley



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How I Quit Smoking 5 Years Ago

Copyright 2010 © L.R. O’Malley

Today you are not going to quit smoking. Find a quiet place to read this book. This has to be a place where you can smoke if this is possible. Put out your cigarettes, lighter, ashtray where you can reach them easily. Also be aware that you may have feelings of anxiety sweep over you as you read. This is because your body is already reacting to the thought of quitting smoking. You don’t have to be anxious because this book is going to explain the method and thought process that I used to quit smoking and I am just going to tell you about it. You can read it and just think about the parts that apply to your circumstances because not everyone will quit smoking the same way. Take the parts you need and read them over again and again. You may have to read the whole book over and over again. Some people quit and never smoke again. Other people have to quit a dozen times or more before they finally stop for good. As long as the end goal is reached no method is right or wrong. It’s your own program.

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