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What Readers are saying about Through the Eyes of Love

I have just finished reading Through the Eyes of Love. Just amazing. Thank you. I have been a fan for many years. I always find that your books are in direct timing with my own spiritual growth. You have opened up a gateway for growth, helping me see yet another area of consciousness that I had been unaware of. Many thanks and much gratitude.” - Christine, AUS


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your book Through the Eyes of Love. I have read all your early books over and over again and can't put into words how they help me remember who I really AM. My husband and I love you and the work you do. I follow you always . . .” - Patti J., USA


I am almost staggered by the effect (this book) had on me. How does one actually write a book that is a portal to other dimensions in its energy? It's like actually holding a multi-dimensional doorway in print form. How can I say thank you for such a thing, for such a gift? Oh . . . I believe I have just answered my own question; it's literally just come to me; live it. Live its truth in my own way. Even that answer feels so . . . crikey . . . multi-dimensional? Words are so difficult here, as even saying 'Thank You from the bottom of my heart' is inadequate; what bottom? From LOVE I thank you.” - Christopher W. NZ


I recently read Through the Eyes of Love and didn't want it to end. I send my sincere gratitude. It has supported me in ways beyond what words could express.” - Leah L., NZ

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