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I Have To Get It Right

David L Atkinson

Copyright David L Atkinson2011

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Chapter 1

Ever since I was at primary school there were indications of character traits that would shape my life. When in bed if I turned over to the right I would have to turn to the left. What a nutter - but I was only seven! I can remember asking my Dad why. He told me that it was nothing and not to worry. This was his usual answer to the minor stresses of life.

I was destined to develop a career that requires attention to detail. I believe people who think they know me would be surprised at what I do when they don’t know where I am. It pays to be quiet and ‘shy’. So my day job is working with figures, amounts, balances and transfers. A situation where I don’t have to relate to people! However, I moonlight doing something completely different but needing every bit as much care if for no other reason than my own personal safety. These were the thoughts that were going through my mind while I sat in my car shivering.

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