I thought that others might also find these diaries of interest and started posting a blog for the World War II Diaries. In doing so I received reactions from people from around the world and this inspired me to publish them in book form for all to enjoy.

This is volume one of a four volume series of diaries written during World War ll. This is Ruby’s outpourings of her experience during the War Blitz bombings that she could not always speak about. Many of the things she says in today’s world would be considered politically incorrect. In this very personal and historical account Ruby writes about her truth of the war and her marriage which she shares with no one but the diary. Some of her opinions will be disturbing to some people. To edit out Ruby’s opinions would be a disservice to Ruby so her words will stand as she wrote them.

Victoria Aldridge Washuk

July 17, 2011

Forward to Volume Two

During the process of transcribing these journals it has been enlightening to learn the way women were regarded during my great grandmother's time and especially their dependence on their husband for everything, forcing them to live with someone in a situation that was difficult and unfulfilling. Ruby could never spend any money without asking her husband for it which he apparently resented. Women today have opportunities for careers and aren't so financially dependant on a husband for their very survival. Our children today have no idea what life was like for their Great Grandparents. My children have lives that were unimaginable for women seventy or one hundred years ago. 

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