Ice Melts

Phyllis Anderson

When Phyllis Anderson joined our local Writers` Group, we sensed at once that we had a new star in our midst. Her prose was impeccable, and there was a quality of dark magic in her stories that was unique in its appeal. Her imaginative handling of character and location led us willingly into strange and spell-binding worlds. We were hooked!

It comes as no surprise, then, that she has moved on into the realms of poetry. Her special skills lend themselves to poetic expression, and she is sure to prove herself mistress of imagery and rhythmic musicality.

I was delighted when she asked me to write an introduction to this anthology, and along with all her other fans, look forward to reading the poems in it with great pleasure. I have already been privileged to read " The Cobbler " and " Haiku for Mountaineers " - great for starters. My appetite is now truly whetted for the main feast.

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