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Inappropriate Thoughts

Secret Thoughts Excerpt

A Victoria Wilde Novel

Book One



Please Note: Inappropriate Thoughts is an Erotic Romance version of Luke Young's Friends With Partial Benefits. This version is approximately ten percent longer with more explicit and expanded sex scenes. Both versions contain the same story, comedy, hilarious situations and drama, but the Ian Dalton versions feature much more of the erotic play-by-play. I am simply trying to give readers more options since it seems some readers prefer the less explicit form. If you have any questions on the dual versions, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Jillian Grayson sat up in bed, typing away on the keyboard of her laptop computer. She wore a nightshirt that wasn’t all that sexy, but what she was typing was… or at least it started out that way...

Dallas lay in bed, unable to sleep and wondering if Katrina was suffering the same fate—and for the very same reason. Did she want him as much as he wanted her? Katrina was but a few steps away, yet he dare not go to her, for he was a guest, and then there was Katrina’s mother, who was just across the hall. For Dallas, sleep came minutes later, but it would be short- lived, for soon Katrina stood over him, completely nude and pondering how to proceed...

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