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Tragedy in the Washington Palace

By A. Johnson

Published by A. Johnson at Smashwords

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 A. Johnson.

Marlene sat at the computer and tried to think of something to write. Her life had fallen into a funk and she needed some way of getting out of it. She lost her job a few weeks ago, but was fortunate enough to have a sister Nia to take her in. Marlene felt bad and she felt ashamed because she was the oldest, she felt as though the oldest should take care of the youngest and not the other way around. She even felt more shame when she found herself enthralled with Nia’s boyfriend, Vince. Marlene thought of him as an olive, toned hottie. She couldn’t believe what she was thinking but at times she would catch her mind wander into a ‘dangerous area’ as she liked to call it.

Vince was attractive and he knew it. He took every chance that he got to get attention. Nia would call him an attention whore, not at all worried that he would wander from her. Nia didn’t care that girls hit on him, as long as it wasn’t right in front of her face.

“After all,” she used to say in conversation, “you can’t blame them, it’s not like it’s anything that I didn’t do. But…” her playful mood turned playfully serious, “I would have to knock a chick out if she sees me standing right there. That’s disrespectful.” To this everyone would laugh because Nia is one of the sweetest people Marlene ever knew.

‘How did she get someone like that?’ Marlene thoughts would begin to betray her.

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