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An orphan boy and his beloved hidden star…a blitzkrieg of bullies…and the wise Old Raven who debunks the bully mystique…

In Tumble’s World

Written by P. M. Kearns

The lost wilderness story from Frog Hollow

about protecting our Earth and one another.


The destruction of a neighborhood wilderness, the onslaught of bullies, and a transformational leader who emerges in the midst of their losses...inspired audiences are praising IN TUMBLE’S WORLD:

“Educators, and advocates for child services and the responsible care of the Earth: take note. Any book that piques a young reader's interest in the protection of one another and their planet while building confidence and modeling respectful relationships is in the best interests of a nation.

“Every Child Deserves a Champion, and IN TUMBLE'S WORLD you will find those champions."-

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