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The Racist Republican

In today’s society there is a perception that the Republican Party favors big business, punishes the poor and middle class, and promotes policies against affirmative action, and other government social programs. I wanted to understand the logic, if any exists, behind their philosophy. This book is a thorough examination of the events that lead to the formation of the Republican Party and a comprehensive history of the people and politics that formed their Ideology. What I have set out to do in writing this book was to try to find the point in history when the Republican Party became perceived as being the “bad” guys in regards to social issues such as racial equality, discrimination, women’s rights and racism itself. I knew from Grade school that President Lincoln had lead our country thru the Civil War and I wanted to know how The Party of Lincoln went from being the party whose leader was “The Great Emancipator” to what it is perceived as being today. I know how I feel today and the thought that one of my ancestors may have owned slaves or that members of my family's ancestors were owned by someone sickens me and makes me ashamed. I thank God that when the time came to do the right thing there were people with the courage and conviction to do it. Even though I can't possibly tell the story of hundreds of thousands of people whose tireless work and sacrifice brought about the change so desperately needed in this book I hope to give some of those people the recognition they so justly deserve.

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The time is January 1854 and there is a strong debate going on in our country. There was a bill going thru The United States Congress that threatened to overturn The 1820 Missouri Compromise and expand slavery in the United States into the new western territories. It was in that environment that the Republican Party was born.

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