By Andy Marlow

Copyright 2011 Andy Marlow

Smashwords Edition

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The Creative Sponge

Thomas Wilson is missing. When last seen, he was being taken away by a representative of the mysterious TGN organisation, his identity erased. Kathy Turner, his best friend, has gone insane searching for him. Or has reality distorted itself around her? This philosophical thriller brings their destinies together on a journey deep into the nature of identity, reality and existence itself.

A Gripping Read” (Tom)

I couldn’t stop reading it” (Smurfa Ruddick)

I Love You

A moving tale of one couple’s life together from the man’s perspective as he looks after a wife with dementia.

“…an ending that’s sad but nonetheless surprising. The author captures the blossoming and sad demise of a lifelong relationship very well.” (Tom)

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