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The Witch’s Dog Leaves Home


Stephanie J Dagg

Published by Stephanie Dagg at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 Stephanie J Dagg

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This is the second book in The Witch’s Dog trilogy. 1. The Witch’s Dog 2. De-Witched! 3. Witching Again!

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Chapter 1 Cackling Carol’s Old Home

Cackling Carol was a witch. She lived in a dank, gloomy cavern somewhere or other. She had lived there for hundreds of years, unnoticed by generations of local people, until the day she was spotted by Mrs Violet Dodds, Lady Mayor of the nearby town.

Cackling Carol was in the woods picking poisonous toadstools for her breakfast. She had a bad cold so she wasn’t as alert as usual. Normally she would have heard Mrs Dodds approaching.

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