Interview with Susana Gross

What other books do you read?
I love reading books from Ra Un Nefer Amen, author of the "Metu Neter.
Are you married? If yes, how long have you been married?
Yes, I am married. I have been married for ten years.
What is your writing process?
I carry with me a small notebook wherever I go, and I will write down my ideas as it comes to me. At the end of the day, I will write it all up on my computer. I love to finish an idea right when it comes, it is easier for me.
What are you spiritual or riligious?
I am spiritual. I acknowledge the divine creator. I recognize and respect mother earth. I love and respect all living beings. I acknowledge and appreciate all the seen and unseen enlightened protection in my life.
How do you approach cover design?
To create cover design, I create it until I get it right. I don't mind getting it wrong the first time, you know is like life. You learn, you fail, you apply what you learned, and you get better at it.
What is your next piece on?
My next piece is republishing our book "From stars to souls" with the conclusion of the story.
Be side writing, what else do you do?
I love to teach a free marital preparedness class to young couples. I also give spiritual awakening workshop to beginners. I love teaching meditation and cooking classes as well.
How has smashwords impacted you?
It has allowed me to bring to the globe the divine wisdom I have learned in life.
What is your family's tradition?
Keep your aura in a positive light.
Don't allow any negativity in or attach to your vibration.
Keep your liver healthy by not holding in anybody's misconduct in life.
Always give love and light to everyone.
Live in divine happiness.
Share a smile with everyone especially strangers, because you never know whose life you will save.
Describe your desk
A cream wooden table and on it is a small citrine stone at the upper left corner and amethyst stone in the upper right corner. Three pens, a notepad, a crystal bible book and three small candles in the lower left corner and my computer at the lower right corner.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in a small village in Ghana. Growing up around the elderly was a blessing in my life. My parents had me in their early 50s and they said I brought joy into the family. My village was firm with ancient traditional values, my family was humbled and led a simple life. My parents installed in us the wisdom of cultivating our divine enlightenment, and that they said is the true fulfillment in life.
Published 2014-06-11.
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