Interview with AM Kirkby

Describe your desk
Currently: fifteen fountain pens. Seven bottles of different coloured inks. An Egyptian scribe effigy (his name is Nebmertouf), a standing Anubis; two idols of Durga, and Kali, in brightly painted wood. A dirty coffee mug. A ukulele underneath fifteen sheets of paper. A computer keyboard. Two external hard drives not connected to anything.
And a glass of cherry vodka.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I didn't grow up in Norwich, but it has always been home. It gave me a feeling for the city's different secrets; the cathedral with the friendly skeleton old As-I-Am on the wall of the south aisle; the glowing paintings of the medieval churches; the rich smell of coffee and block chocolate and stem ginger in the Mecca delicatessen; bricked-up window openings dating from the ill-fated Window Tax; mysterious alleyways and short cuts, the kissing gate on Gooseberry Lane, the little shop where I bought coconut mushrooms and peanut clusters and 'milk bottles'. (Later, I found out that friends who grew up elsewhere in England had completely different childhood confectionery.) The rich texture of the city lies behind a lot of my settings.
But Norwich is also a city of great characters. I knew a few through my grandfather and father; and anyone can tell you about Marigold, who used to direct the traffic wearing his rubber gloves. My friends now include musicians, brewers, actors, amateur archaeologists, mad rockers and academics - all completely insane. We don't do 'normal' in Norwich. Again I suspect that shows in much of what I write.
When did you first start writing?
I don't really remember *not* writing. I think I could touch type before I could write joined-up - that kind of thing happens when your father's a journalist - and I was certainly writing long novels by the age of nine. I suspect they weren't much good.
What's the story behind your latest book?
The growth of Rome.
Or, another view, the downfall of the Etruscan city-states.
Or, looked at differently, a family saga.
Or possibly the story of a woman who is always pursuing a dream, or a prophecy, that is never quite fulfilled in reality.
Or perhaps just "power corrupts". Those are some of the stories in the book.
As for the story of how the book got written:
It all started one day in Pitigliano, a little town in the backwoods of Tuscany, when I walked down from the town, across the river, and towards Sovana on an Etruscan chariot track. Across the plateau I was following the ruts of chariot wheels two and a half millennia old. Down towards the river the old road ran in tight zigzags, carved metres deep into the soft ground, and my feet swished last year's rustling leaves and spiky beech mast. That evening for dinner, I had dumplings with wild boar's meat, and a sprightly local white wine, and the hotel owner told me if I wanted to know more about the Etruscans, I should go to Tarquinia...
I was hooked. The Etruscans are fascinating. They're no longer as mysterious as they were; we know quite a lot about them (including that Etruscan women had far more freedom than either Roman or Greek women). Their relationship with their landscape, and the way they saw the world as a continually emerging work of prophecy, is intriguing.
Who are your favorite authors?
Far too many to list. Iain Banks is a big favourite, as is Ursula K Le Guin; both created highly convincing other worlds, not just space-opera settings. (I don't see the point in writing speculative fiction unless you speculate.) And I have been enjoying GRR Martin for a lot longer than Game of Thrones has been on TV. For spookiness, MR James (but not after dark or when the wind is whistling), and Susanna Clarke.

I love authors who can create a world with a definite atmosphere to it; I've been reading a bit of Zola, for instance - 'La Bete Humaine' creates a horrendous vision of the railways chewing up the world, and ends with an immensely powerful image, the driverless train heading with its doomed men towards the Franco-Prussian War.

I also have a great love of the seventeenth century. Shakespeare and Milton come very high on my list; I adore both. (Anyone who thinks this is highbrow, try *acting* Shakespeare; there is nothing more visceral and less intellectual than tackling one of the big speeches.) Both these poets kept inventing and re-inventing the language (as did Dante; my Italian is just about good enough to appreciate him with a parallel translation), moulding and breaking it; they're headstrong writers, endlessly inventive and innovative.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Too many things! Singing (I'm currently in a Renaissance choir), playing music (recorder, bagpipes, hammer dulcimer and now accordion), collecting fountain pens (I have that in common with Neil Gaiman, apparently), refurbishing antique furniture and toy pianos, and trying to maintain a ridiculously large garden. Travelling (a lot: most recently, hiking in Iceland: before that, backpacking Thailand and Cambodia: and spending as much time as I can in India). And once a year, putting in a full week's work at Norwich Beer Festival, down in the Belgian beer marquee.
What is your writing process?
Constructive chaos. Lots of bits of paper. Lots of scribbling and mind-mapping and doodling. And then just sit and type. I generally start at the beginning and write forwards, but I reserve the right to jump around a bit.

I do use Celtx and that's helped the organisation bit of the process considerably. I can't be trusted with record cards, I just lose them, but I stick my characters and some basic storyboarding into Celtx and that's useful to come back to when I've forgotten basic information.

I've learned that occasionally, it's best to leave the loose ends and come back to them later. Quite often, I'll wake up in the morning knowing how to fix that plot problem I was bashing my brains out over the night before.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
The greatest joy is when a character suddenly decides to write their own dialogue or work out their own plot. It doesn't often happen, but when it does, it is marvellous.
When writing is going well - when you start dreaming at night that you're walking around the world of your story - it's addictive. Writing is a licence to dream, and that makes the hard slog worthwhile.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
No, I don't. But what I do remember is at the age of fourteen or so, sitting in a sunlit window in the school library reading the final scene of King Lear, and the tears streaming down my face.
It's easy to read lazily, or to read superficially, or to read as an author just looking at the mechanics of how a story has been written. I come back to that as a touchstone for what it means to be a real reader - to be so immersed in the text that you react instinctively and viscerally to it. And I suppose that's also, in a way, a test for what it means to me to be a writer.
Published 2014-11-21.
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