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What made you interested in the Reserve Bank?
Considering that most Government measures to address Poverty issues have had very minimal impact, I did some research to find the root cause for the ever widening gap between the rich and the poor. To my surprise, I discovered that the major stumbling block to eradicate poverty is the RESERVE BANK. It does this by having appropriated the power to control both the “supply” of money and also the “creation of money out of nothing.”
Is not one of the main functions of the Reserve Bank to manage our economy and guide it towards economic prosperity?
The question is economic prosperity for whom? For the rich yes, but not for the poor.

In my book, I present an exposition of the OBJECTIVES that were hammered out by the founders of the Federal Reserve Bank of the USA. It will amaze you to discover that it was so structured that the primary beneficiaries would be the founders of the RESERVE BANK and their private banks and NOT the people or the country.
How would this book be of value to me?
It is said that KNOWLEDGE is POWER. If YOU are being defrauded by a clever bank scam and your financial worth is being depleted, how would you feel if YOU DID NOT KNOW that this is done to your wealth? Well, that is exactly what is being done! To learn more about this scam, you have TWO choices:

1) YOU can end the fraud by EMPOWERING YOURSELF about how this fraud is conducted by engaging in some lengthy research of your own;
2) YOU can find out more about this scam through this book on the RESERVE BANK which shows you in simple layman’s terms how your wealth is depleted.
Can you be more specific in how this book would be of value to me?
This book will help you to:
a) Discover the “FRAUD” game played by the Reserve Bank.
b) Discover how “Securitization” affects YOUR mortgage.
c) Discover how the Reserve Bank creates money out of thin air and make debt- slaves out of most of us.
d) Discover how the Reserve Bank depletes YOUR money.
e) Discover how the Reserve Bank creates inflations and depressions.
f) Discover Organizations working to change the status quo.
Can you explain how the Banks create money out of nothing?
Once you remove all the obfuscations and sidestep the issue of fraud, it is so simple that anyone can do the same. In my book I have created a Chart which clearly and graphically shows how easily this is done.
In your book, you say the Reserve Bank practice is a form of modern slavery. Can you please explain?
The short answer to this question without going into much detail can be summarised as follows: PHYSICAL SLAVERY requires the owner to house and feed the slaves. With ECONOMIC SLAVERY, the people in debt are themselves held responsible for their OWN food and housing needs. What an ingenious way of making debt-slaves of citizens.
It is said that the Reserve Bank is responsible for creating both INFLATION and DEPRESSION or boom and bust cycles. How does the Reserve Bank do that?
The Reserve Bank does that by INCREASING the capital in the public domain and thereby create a boom environment OR proceeds to SHRINK that capital and thereby create a bust environment. During both cycles, the Bank is the primary beneficiary.
Why would the Reserve Bank deliberately create these inflation and depression or boom and bust cycles?
The book outlines the subtle and sinister motives for the Reserve Bank to create these states of economic boom and bust cycles. The book fully exposes the reason for these cycles is to TRANSFER the wealth of hard-working citizens to the Bank owners. Very few people are aware of the cunning strategy used by bankers to usurp the hard-earned money of so many of the country’s citizens.
What is "Securitization" and can you throw more light on the Banks’ securitization practices?
Very briefly, Securitization is the practice of Banks to bundle many loans together as “securities,” and then sell these bundles to investors or Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV). These securities may comprise of loans, bonds, or mortgages, and are insured should debtors not make their payments. It is a much favoured strategy used by banks because they can get paid TWICE for every mortgage the home-owner obtains from the bank.
Are we stuck with the Reserve Bank because there is no alternative to the Reserve Bank?
No, there are tried and tested alternatives available. The book offers numerous examples of successful inflation-proof, interest-free, Central Bank models governments can consider and modify them to best meet each individual country’s particular needs.
What would be the benefits if the Reserve Bank is abolished?
If the Reserve Bank, as it is presently structured is abolished and replaced by a “Central Bank of the People”, it would yield many benefits which are listed in the book. One of the most important benefits would be that a debt-free currency would not have its value diminish at the rate at which it is presently done under the existing Reserve Bank model. It may be worth noting that since the Federal Reserve Bank was created, the value of the American dollar has depreciated by as much as 96%.
Are the banks not very deeply entrenched and also extremely powerful that it would be very difficult to change the status quo?
Such an attitude would be tantamount to accepting one’s own enslavement to the money-lenders. Individually, the task to bring about change may be daunting, though not impossible. However, there is strength in numbers. Fortunately there are now several groups listed in the book which are organized to bring about reform and transparency in our current banking system. These groups are acting on the advice offered by Margaret Mead who said:
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people, can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”
Published 2014-07-09.
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The Reserve Bank = A License to Steal Money from Citizens? (How Money is Created from Nothing for Dummies)
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 24,520. Language: English. Published: July 7, 2014. Categories: Nonfiction » Business & Economics » Money & monetary policy, Nonfiction » Politics & Current Affairs » Economic policy
Very few people know how the money system is manipulated by the RESERVE BANK to make most citizens “debt-slaves” without them even being aware of it. This book exposes how the Reserve Bank uses the Fractional Reserve System to create “money out of nothing” for the benefit of the few private owners of the Bank but to the great detriment of the majority of the country’s citizens.