Interview with Emma Pfotzer

Why do you write?
I write to cope with my depression
I family history of depression on both side of my family
Anti depression does help
but writing started as a way to cope with my emotions happy or sad
when I write poetry usually how I get my demons out of my head
and on paper
For me it like a diary that I can only i can decode
Do you remember the first thing you ever wrote?
Yes but it really wasn't a story
I'm not taking about grade school
and since I graduated in May of 2016
I'm not taking about college either
I'm talking about the time I wrote something and it wasn't
a grade
I'm about when I willing pick up a pen
and starting writing
thing I wrote I lost the second page
I wrote down everything that happening
apparently their was a tornado watch
writing everything that happening was the reason why I didn't hyperventilate
and then on I just wrote
still working on some stories
What is one of your favorite book series?
that has to be
Gregor the Overlander
by Suzanne Collins
five book series
and way better than the hunger games series
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
The Missing doll by Constance Hiser

I got this book at the end of 5th grade
the liberty at my school where giving away books to keep
and my teacher Miss Spearmen I think that was her name
let us pick out books to keep and take home
and let me pick out more books then anyone else because that year or the precious year
my parents got divorce since my parent got share custody of my brother and I
after I expect the fate of my parent actually got divorce
it was a week with my mom then a week with my dad
then so on

this was first book that i read that wasn't Amelia bedelia
and at the time my dad just read me all book
I was in lunch book club my teacher came up with
that people in the book club could eat inside the class room and discuss the book we were reading
and my dad read them all to me
like a wrinkle in time is example great book
love it

but the miss doll was the first book that book at pick up and wanted to read all by self
it was 200 hundred page book
I was at daycare
that day can was really messed up but that another story for another time
it was nap time their so every one had to be quiet so the babies can sleep
meaning so did the big kids
I pick up the book and started reading
when i put the book down
and save my place
I looked around it wasn't nap time anymore
the light were on
not off like they were
and this was so weird
people around me were talking loudly
i didn't ever notice
i was so confused
(also note this was the summer time )
and amazed how focus I was to that book
and read it all day for 2 day straight
i was proud of my self for finish it that quickly
and I still have the book
and now I love reading
Published 2016-07-13.
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