Interview with Alan R Wilson

Published 2019-10-21.
What is your writing process?
Sit down and type! I do something more physical in the morning (walking, shopping, fixing up the house) and most days I sit down to start writing around 2-3pm. This can continue until midnight with interruptions for snacks, dinner, procrastination and the occasional TV program or movie or night out with friends. I am definitely of the Ray Bradbury school of thought, "It would be boring if you knew where it was going," and my novels are not extensively plotted before I commence, Characters can suddenly emerge while I am writing (or walking, I carry a notebook) and I am relieved when I 'discover' the general form of the ending about three quarters of the way in. This might sound haphazard but I truly believe most of it is happening sub-consciously with my conscious mind let in on the plan only when it needs to know. At some point in a novel I generally draw up a timeline to ensure internal consistency and for the Anita Histories I now have a complete geographical sketch of the lands which evolved with the novels. After it is written the editing starts.
You write in two genres, how come, and under the same name?
I first started writing Science Fiction. While I was writing the third Anita book (‘Eagles’, finished in rough) the seed for a contemporary fiction novel popped into my mind. It continued to pop into my mind and flesh itself out, so I took notes and wrote small sections of it while finishing ‘Eagles’. It wanted to be written and out of this ‘Sarah’ was born, but not only ‘Sarah’. I have a rough finished version of an ‘alternative history’ based on ‘Sarah’. I suspect I will continue to write in the two genres.
Hopefully being under the same name is not a problem, the descriptions (and tags) of the novels makes it obvious. Also, I will retain distinctive covers for the two genres.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
The first 'proper' story I wrote was in early secondary school. I recall it was about conquistadors in South America who were plagued by demons - disease induced hallucinations. I also recall it was inspired by something I had read but cannot remember what it was. I do remember my English teacher liked it.
What do you read for pleasure?
New short stories, generally SF or fantasy, the occasional novel and I really like a good biography. The latest one I read was on Milton (the English Milton of the Commonwealth years). However I have discovered I am reading less after retiring because now I do not have the time on the train/bus and my evenings tend to be taken up with my own work, writing and editing.
Describe your desk
Cluttered. I work on a table in the living room so sometimes I have to clear everything off however it still manages to become cluttered very quickly. In front of me is my main work engine, a 17" laptop. To the left and behind this is the Raspberry Pi monitor with the RPi strapped on the back and a decent DAC connected to my 'alright' headphones. The associated keyboard floats around and where the power plugs into the laptop a black and white miniature of a friendly cat sits looking at me. To the right is a tray with all sorts of junk on it (cables, gloves, measuring tape, microphone, sunglasses ...) then there is a collection of pens, my notebook (paper), mobile, spare glasses, keys ... you get the picture. Oh, and my coffee cup with a jumping sheep on it.
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