Interview with Alix Sloan

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
I've always enjoyed writing. I wrote stories growing up. As an adult I've worked as an advertising copywriter and as a gallerist and curator I've written more artist bios and exhibition press releases than I can count. I also write fiction (Jenna Stack Mystery series) and I always enjoy the process. But with this book, "Launching Your Art Career: A Practical Guide for Artists," the greatest joy has been in the response. I've received emails and messages from hundreds of artists sharing their experiences or just thanking me for simplifying the process and/or offering encouragement. I really did write the book to help artists so accomplishing that goal has been incredibly rewarding.
What is your writing process?
I write for two hours 1st thing every morning, Monday through Friday, no matter what. That way I'm prioritizing what's most important and putting some time in before the rest of the day gets crazy. Then if I'm able to, I get back to it again later in the day.

The process with "Launching Your Art Career: A Practical Guide for Artists" was pretty interesting. I went through all of the lectures I've given and class materials I've created. Then I made a list of every question artists ask me regularly. I used all of that info as a template and broke it down into sections. Once I got the sections clear I was able to write the book pretty easily.

For fiction, Amy and I have a kind of crazy process. We meet on the phone twice a week. We discuss the story and create a rough story outline in Scrivener. Then we go through every scene to decide and discuss what happens. Once the outline is very well fleshed out, we break it up, each write sections and then come together to smooth it out and revise.

I recently started working on some fiction alone and the process is pretty much the same, just without Amy's help (so harder)! Rough outline, fleshed out outline, write, revise, revise, hopefully finish at some point!
Who are your favorite authors?
I have so many authors I admire. Indie authors like Joanna Pen, Mark Dawson and Tim Grahl not only write terrific books but also help other authors with classes, advice and information. I appreciate their contribution so much! Then I also enjoy a wide range of fiction - Michael Connelly, John Sanford and Lee Child are favorites in mystery/thrillers. Sarina Bowen is my favorite in the romance genre.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
I tend to get onto on author and then read everything they've read. Then when I find a new one I like I do the same. Usually I find them through recommendations of friends and family. And of course I wait anxiously for anything new by my favorites.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I curate exhibitions, do one on one consultations with artists and speak at schools. When not working, I enjoy reading, movies, hanging out with my husband, our cats, friends and family.
Published 2016-07-01.
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